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Diplomas and Certificates - Production and Printing

Diplomas and Certificates - Production and Printing

Our printing house offers production of certificates, diplomas by an individual order or using a standard template.

Here you can choose the required type of paper and order a design. We also offer various methods of post-printing processing: such as die-cutting, folding, lamination, embossing.

Printing of Diplomas and Certificates

Size: A4 (210*297 mm)
Paper: 300-350 g/m² coated
Colour model: CMYK, 4+0

Additional options:

  • lamination (glossy, matte)
  • design and layout of a diploma, certificate

Printing of Diplomas and Certificates


Price (per quantity), EUR10€15€17€31€44€57€70€
Price (per item), EUR0.400.300.170.1550.1470.1430.14

*All prices do not include VAT

*The price for non-standard products is calculated individually

To calculate the cost of other run lengths or sizes - contact us

Questions and answers

Payments for orders

Our services can be paid by bank transfer only.
We work with new clients only on a prepayment basis.
Post-payment cooperation is possible with advertising agencies.
After agreeing on the price, an invoice is issued and sent by e-mail to the client for payment.

Order fulfilment terms

Estimated production times of advertising materials are 2-3 working days. In the presence of additional post-printing works (lamination, cutting, stamping, etc.), the terms are increased and discussed individually.
It is also possible to produce advertising products urgently – within 1 working day (applies only to products that do not need post-printing processing). This increases the cost of manufacturing by 20%.

How to receive your order

Picking up printed materials:
Finished products can be picked up at our office on weekdays from 10.00 to 17.00.             
We are located at 10 Krimuldas street, Riga, LV-1039 (next to the vef bridge).

  • Delivery in Latvia is carried out through OMNIVA parcel machines (from 4€ +VAT);
  • delivery by OMNIVA courier (from 8€ +VAT).
Finished products are usually dispatched within 1-2 working days (receipt within 2-5 working days).
it is possible to send your order by LATVIJAS PASTS post service. Delivery can take about 5-10 business days.
We also make delivery in europe (at the prices of courier services VENIPAK, OMNIVA).

Pricing for non-standard works

For an individual price calculation write us to info@polistarprint.lv, including the following information:
  • Product size (height, width, for round or oval stickers also include diameter);
  • The quantity of the product;
  • Possible additional post-printing works (lamination, cutting, etc.);
  • Availability of a layout in a print-ready format.
    If you have a layout, attach it to the letter, this will help us more accurately understand and calculate the price of the upcoming works.

Requirements for accepted layouts

  • File format: the layout must be in PDF format. The layout can be exported to this format by almost all graphic editors;
  • Colour: colour profile must be CMYK (coated fogra39 colour separation profile, do not embed colour profile);
  • Size: there should be a bleed margin, 2mm on each side of the layout. For example, if the actual size of the layout is 50mm x 90mm, then the printed layout should be 54mm x 94mm;
  • Text: all fonts must be in curves or embedded in a PDF file and must be at least 4pt;
  • Layout:
    1. The layout should not contain non-printable objects (labels, comments, etc.);
    2. Resolution 300 dpi;
    3. All elements (images, text, etc.) Should be no closer than 3mm from the edge of the trim size;
    4. All effects (shadows, gradients, transparency, overlays, etc.) must be rasterized.
  • Pages: if we are talking about a multi-page layout (brochures, booklets, etc.), then each page in the PDF file must be placed on a separate page;
  • Black colour: to obtain a rich black colour, it is recommended to distribute the colours in black as follows: C 60%, M 60%, Y 60%, K 100%.
  • Files are not checked for the following errors:
    1. Grammatical, stylistic and other errors associated with the correctness and style of the text;
    2. Overprints (except for the Black overprint);
    3. Non-rasterized effects (shadows, gradients, transparency, overlays, etc.).

Is it possible to print a layout from a raster format (JPG, PNG)?

There is such an opportunity, we can transfer the layout into pdf format, but you need to understand that this will negatively affect the print quality, especially for the text part of the layout.

Can our company convert the layout from raster to vector format?

There is such an opportunity. The price of this service is calculated individually for each layout, based on its complexity.
Special terms for those who prints a lot and regularly:
Advertising agencies
Corporate clients